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Training designed to address and support the mental health and wellness of student athletes, parents, and coaches.


We use firsthand stories and experiences from former Division I athletes, in addition to a thorough curriculum backed by our higher education and licensing. The curriculum is designed as an early intervention and prevention program for athletes. We want to arm student athletes with the knowledge, power, and resources to help support them in the classroom and on the field.


Coaches, Athletes and    Parents

Comprehensive Program With Presentations For:

  • Coaches: How To Create A Culture That Supports Mental Health

  • Athletes: Why Mental Health Matters In Athletics

  • Parents / Guardians: How To Support Your Student Athlete


Training and Education for Athletes about Mental Health

4-Modules With Student-Athletes:

  • Why Mental Health Matters in Athletics

  • Creating a Positive Team Culture

  • Identity Exploration

  • Red-flags, Coping, and Resource


Leading and Educating Your Athletes Program

3-Modules for Coaches and Athletic Departments:

  • Why Mental Health Matters in Athletics

  • Supporting Coaches through a Wellness Approach

  • Supporting your Athletic Team Through a Wellness Approach

Our Approach

1. Assessment

Danielle and Gabriella met with the school’s Athletic Director and coaches to learn about their student-athletes and each team’s culture. A pre-survey was distributed in order to assess current wellness needs. Survey results and self-reports led to identifying key concerns: stigma associated with mental health and seeking help, low morale and unhealthy culture related to maintaining mental health as an athlete, as well as a lack of resources available to athletes who sought help for their mental health concerns.

3. Action

Each student-athlete learned and practiced various coping skills to better manage all of the challenges and emotions that come from the pressure to perform in their sport. They developed a better understanding of themselves as individuals in addition to their core identity as an athlete. Athletes worked together to create a positive culture that started conversation surrounding mental health and worked to decrease stigma surrounding mental health.

2. Training

D&G Wellness facilitated a 5-module, student-athlete training focused on understanding why mental health matters in athletics, exploring athletes’ identity and core values, creating a positive team culture, introducing mindfulness and mindset for athletes and recognizing red flags and seeking resources in the event athletes need support.

4. Results

According to the post training survey results and self-report from athletes, parents and coaches, students reported using the coping skills they learned in each module during their practices and games. Many students reported the positive impact they felt from hearing personal stories from the D&G Division I athletes, stating they left feeling inspired, less alone and more understood. Coaches reported a greater understanding of why mental health matters in athletics and how to better support student-athletes should they demonstrate warning signs or deliberately ask for help. Parents reported feeling relieved, grateful and more equipped to help their children handle the stress, pressure and responsibility of being a student athlete.



Utilize coping skills for stress, pressure, and tough emotions

Understand the importance of mindset and mindfulness

Notice red flags and feel empowered to ask for help

Explore identity and value systems

Improve team morale and culture

Be equipped with knowledge and skills to talk with athletes about wellness concerns

Learn more about mental health concerns in athletes

Create a positive team culture


Understand the importance of mental health in athletics and how to best support their athlete

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