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Training designed to address and support the mental health and wellness of employees and students, creating a holistic approach to education.


We customize each training to suit the school’s specific wellness needs. We help schools move from reactive to proactive to see noticeable results in their communities, and we empower students, teachers, and parents to make and sustain positive changes.

Student Wellness
  • Managing Big Emotions

  • Mental Health 101

  • Using Yoga and Mindfulness in The Classroom

Teacher Wellness
  • Avoiding Burnout

  • Self-Care for Educators

  • Mental Health 101: How to Help Support Your Students

Parent Education
  • How to Be Your Child’s Emotion Coach

  • Mental Health 101: Recognize Red Flags and Warning Signs

  • Mindful Parenting

School Wellness
  • Creating a Trauma Informed Classroom

  • Creating an Early Intervention Wellness Team

  • Implementing a Wellness Program at Your School

Our Approach

1. Assessment

Evaluate your school’s mental health needs through surveys, interviews, and data analysis.

3. Action

Take steps to create an early intervention wellness team, wellness curriculum, or ongoing mental health and wellness training to support your school community’s emotional well-being.

2. Training

Train school staff to recognize signs of mental health issues and create a supportive environment.

4. Results

Monitor progress through data, academic performance, and feedback to gauge the effectiveness of your interventions.

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