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Training designed to address and support the mental health and wellness of employees, addressing specific needs to strengthen the workforce.


After a thorough assessment, we customize each training to suit the organization’s specific wellness needs. We help businesses move from reactive to proactive to see noticeable results in their employees, and our work empowers employees to make and sustain positive changes.

Employee Wellness
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction

  • Reframing your thoughts

  • Avoiding burnout

Wellness Leadership
  • Supporting managers to maintain healthy teams

  • Wellness 101

  • Anxiety versus stress in the workplace

Corporate Culture
  • Yoga for the workplace

  • Self-care

  • Cultivating happiness

Our Approach

1. Assessment

D&G Leadership meets with the leadership team to assess the wellness gaps and goals related to the COVID-19 pandemic. A pre-survey was provided to gather necessary data to guide and tailor the training.

3. Action

Along with the training, employees were given the opportunity to create their own “Wellness Action Plan” to take immediate action toward improving their overall well-being and walk away with a plan for longevity, accountability, and overall success after completing the training.

2. Training

The training focused on the six pillars of wellness, as well as how to address individual wellness goals and provide actionable steps employees could take to ease the transition from remote work to in person work.

4. Results

According to the post-training survey results, employees shared they felt heard, valued, and supported during the transition back to the workplace, ultimately improving morale, camaraderie, retention, and the bottom line for the bank.

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