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D&G Wellness Consulting

The premier choice for corporations, schools, and athletic teams seeking training and professional development on a variety of wellness topics. We provide information and tools to inspire long-lasting change in the office, at school, and at home.

Image by Danielle Cerullo


Supporting the mental health and wellness of employees, addressing specific needs to strengthen the workforce on the whole.



Supporting the mental health and wellness of students, teachers, and parents, creating a holistic approach to education.

Baseball Gloves


Supporting the mental health and wellness of high school and collegiate athletes, to support their needs in the classroom and on the field.

What We Do

We empower corporations, schools, and athletic teams to move from reactive to proactive, to see noticeable improvements in their communities, and feel empowered to make and sustain positive changes.


A single demonstration meant to educate, inspire, motivate, and provide information about a specific wellness topic.


Ongoing presentations paired with skill-building interventions, designed to educate, engage, and institute long-lasting wellness change.


Regularly scheduled sessions with professionals to create a personalized plan, discuss progress, and work toward long-term aspirations.

From Our Clients

Danielle came highly recommended as a presenter. She facilitated a professional development meeting for our local High School Counselors Association on the topic of Mindfulness in the Classroom and Self-care. Her presentation was detailed, well-organized and thorough. She was very knowledgeable and engaging. We plan to have her back in the future!

– Terri Jacobs, School Counselor, HSCA President

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