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Hey Wellness Warriors,

As the vibrant summer breeze gradually surrenders to the impending calm, it’s an opportune moment to connect with your inner compass on this wellness journey. Amidst the joys of summer – a season entwined with family, friends, and frolic – it’s all too easy to stray from our wellness path.

Have you ever grappled with upholding your wellness commitments? We embrace the term “intention” over “goals,” for goals can sometimes shackle us with their specificity and measurable outcomes, leading to a binary notion of success or failure. Intentions, however, are a testament to the energy we invest and an abstract expression of our desired state of existence.

In this whirlwind of responsibilities, it’s a familiar scenario to place the needs of others above our own. Some days, just navigating through the hours becomes a triumph in itself.

Here, we share our cherished strategies to keep your wellness intentions steadfast:

Nurture Your Wellness Why: Take a moment to delve into the heart of why your wellness matters. Jot it down, breathe life into it. Let it shimmer on your phone’s screen or echo in its password. Engrain “wellness” into your consciousness, one unlock at a time.

Craft a Thoughtful Schedule: Treat it as you would a crucial work meeting or an overdue oil change. Start with modest commitments, the building blocks of change.

Embrace the Buddy System: Forge connections. Text, call, coordinate. Engage with a kindred spirit in pursuit of shared wellness intentions. Let their support be a beacon, their encouragement a balm. One buddy or many, the chorus of support uplifts.

Applaud Your Triumphs: Celebrate, not just the monumental leaps, but also the initial strides. Commend the courage of taking that first step, often the most formidable one. By acknowledging these strides, you kindle the motivation for the journey ahead.

Wellness is an individual pursuit of creating thoughts, behaviors and habits that can lead to a state of holistic health. You are in charge of your wellness- no one else.  No one can do it alone so we encourage you to use your support and the tips above.


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